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For Prospective Students

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Tufts University Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences website! You are likely exploring a number of colleges and departments in search of a place where you plan to spend four years of your life. You are about to make a serious leap in your intellectual experience, and are seeking a place that will help to position you well for life after college. Clearly this is an important decision. If you are spending time on this site, you may be considering learning more about science at Tufts and specifically the science of geology, and how it could fit into your future.

Most of the geology students and professional geologists I know found our interest in geology by accident (myself included!). We were just looking through lists of courses for something different and new, heard from a friend that geology courses were interesting, or perhaps found a geology course that satisfied a requirement for some other major.

Then we got captivated by geology itself. For me, it was the realization that I could apply all my other science courses to understand the complexities of the Earth – and I could do that while working outdoors working in some astonishingly beautiful places!

Perhaps you are one of the few students who discovered geology earlier, maybe in middle school or high school, or you live in places where mountainous landscapes, beautiful deserts, or energy or mineral resources are prominent, so geology is part of your everyday experience. Some students enter college knowing that they want to major in geology, or at least that they want to learn more about it. Regardless of your background or interests, a geology course or two is a great foundation to function as a knowledgeable voter and citizen of Earth in the 21st century. And if you major in Geology you will find an array of careers that benefit from having a degree in a science that can be applied in a variety of fields.

This part of our website is intended to provide some information distilled particularly for prospective students - What can you do with a major in Geology after you graduate? What is it like to be a student in our Department? These and other questions may be running through your mind. Perhaps this website will not provide all the answers, and I welcome your questions. I assure you that you will receive a response from me within a day or two except under unusual circumstances. Please contact me at anne.gardulski@tufts.edu.