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Programs of Study

Concentration Recommendations

The Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences offers four programs:

  • the Geological Sciences major, intended for students who wish to pursue graduate study in geology and related fields or entry level employment;
  • the Environmental Geology major, which emphasizes breadth and flexibility for students seeking a double major, teaching certification, medical programs, careers in multidisciplinary fields such as environmental law, or a broad-based liberal arts major;
  • the Geoscience minor intended for students whose primary major is Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Quantitative Economics, Physics, or other majors by petition, complementing the foundation that these programs provide; and
  • the Geology minor, for engineering majors.

Students considering a major in Geology or Geological Sciences should discuss their course selections with a faculty member in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences. This is particularly important because some upper level courses are offered in alternate years. Careful planning will give students the opportunity to participate in more course offerings, optional field trips, and student-faculty research as an undergraduate.

Please follow the program links above or download the FAQ (pdf ~4.5 MB)