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Students considering a major in Geology or Geological Sciences should discuss their course selections with an EOS faculty member. This is important because some upper level courses are offered in alternate years. Careful planning should give you the opportunity to participate in more course offerings. Please consult this guide for our major and minor programs. The listing below is an estimate of which courses will be taught in future semesters, they are not guaranteed.

Choose a link from the list below to view the course description or download the latest course listing.

Course Number Course Title
EOS 0001 Introduction to Geology: The Dynamic Earth
EOS 0002 Environmental Geology
EOS 0005 Introduction to Oceanography
EOS 0011 Mineralogy
EOS 0012 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
EOS 0015 Mass Extinctions: The Past, Present, and Future of Biodiversity
EOS 0022 Structural Geology
EOS 0032 Geomorphology
EOS 0038 Historical Geology and Paleontology
EOS 0042 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
EOS 0051, 0151 Global Climate Change
EOS 0052, 0152 Paleoclimate
EOS 0091, 0092 Geological Research
EOS 0115 Quaternary and Glacial Geology
EOS 0131 Groundwater
EOS 0132 Groundwater Chemistry and Quality
EOS 0133 Field Methods in Hydrogeology
EOS 0191, 0192 Selected Topics
EOS 0193, 0194 Senior Thesis
EOS 0287 Subsurface Fluid Dynamics
EOS 0288 Groundwater Modeling
EOS 0289 Geofluids