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Alumni: Patricia Capone, Class of 1987

Current Employment
Associate Curator, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University

Patricia's Story

Curiosity makes geologists — curiosity about the world's shape, sparkle and movement. Peoples' relationships with the earth, past and present drew me to geology, and eventually to applying geology to exploring past human behavior. Seeing the compilation of our world in such new ways through geology, stretched my curiosity with levels of learning being unpeeled.

From mineralogy and things crystalline; to sand grains moving along Point Barrow, Alaska; and experiencing structural geology at the Royal Gorge, Colorado, geology changed the way I see the world.

Being a geology student at Tufts was meaningful beyond the academic wonder. Geology at Tufts represents a positive community of learning created by the faculty's dedication to individual student's thriving and opportunity for teamwork. Tufts geology's community provides relationships that continue and broaden, sometimes unexpectedly. While I later followed my interest in archaeology, geology played a central role in my graduate study of archaeological ceramic petrology.

Anthropology curation in a university museum setting, and partnerships with indigenous communities, are now my main activities. Geology reaches to provide a foundation in problem solving, a sense for natural resources and a role model of a professional setting that continue to play a role in my work. I think of Tufts geology often.